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                        TT TTT TTTTTT T T T TTTTTT TT
                        TTTTTTTTTT  TT TTT TT TT TT T   T
                      TTTTTTTTTTTTT T T  T  T    T T   T TT
                SSS      TTT   |  T  T T T  TT TT  TTT T   T  T
              SSSSSS    TT   |  T T   T T  T   T  T  T T  T T   T
             SS       TTT  | | | | T   T      T         TT   T    T
            SS       TTT  | | | |    T    T   T  T  T T     T T
             SSS       | | | |             T  T   T   T  T   T  T  T
                SS    | | |             T          T       T         T
 UU   UU         SS  | | |
  UU   UU  SS   SS  | | |
  UU   UU   SSSSS  | | |                    The 'big' Wave.
  U    U              | |      'You STILL can't keep a good wave down!'
 UU   UU  NN      NN | | |       
  UUUUU   NNN    NN   | | | | |
         NN NN   NN        | |   MM     MMM
        NN   NN  NN   AAAA      MM MMMMMM MM
        NN    NNNN   AA  AA    MM   MMMM   M     IIII
       NN      NN   AAAA  AA   M           MM     II
                   AA  AAAAA  MM            M    II
                  AA      AA                 M    II
                           AA                    II

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Tsunami is one of the oldest original lpMUDs in existence, having been around since at least 1990. It has a long and glorious history. Tsunami features over 20 humanoid races and several nonhumanoid races (such as Dragons, Fey, Monsters, and Horrors!). Players can choose from over 65 elaborate, detailed subclasses spread over 10 guilds. You can own a house or run a business too!

The world of Tsunami is vast, consisting of over 15,000 rooms and a massive selection of areas to explore. Many fun adventures await including intricate quests, PvP Warfare, a collectible card game, and many more metagames.

Tsunami is ENTIRELY free (donations are not even accepted) and all coders work here for the love of the game. Many have been doing it for over a decade and we are always looking for more new talented designers. Follow the links on the left to create an account, learn to play, and connect to this great MUD.

Recent Changes

Little Changes - Darkpoole Tue, 26 May 2015 04:56:16 PST
Disguise shows how long it will last for before disappearing
Coagulate will show you how many charges you have before disappearing
Hunter Bow's from carve cap at WC33

Shaman amulets cap out at 50 + player level
Bloodpoison - Darkpoole Mon, 25 May 2015 03:59:10 PST
After getting numerous reports about how under whelming bloodpoison was, I
tweaked it a little bit to be less useless. Hopefully it should be alright
now, but I'll keep an eye on it and adjust it as needed.

Setenv no_backpack - Trix Sun, 24 May 2015 23:30:20 PST
If you setenv no_backpack 1 you will no longer be able to wear backpacks.
This includes upon logging on. You will need to clear the setenv to be
able to wear them again.
Thug - Trix Sun, 24 May 2015 22:27:12 PST
For the time being thugs have gained a new skill: mock
It is currently available for testing. It will lower the combat of a
target, but carries a cooldown. This should give them a bit more utility
in parties, and make hitter larger mobs at higher levels a bit easier. I
am not making a guarantee this skill will stay, and it may be modified at
any point. The messages are also up for change if someone finds them
particular offensive, or too "lame." Note: I will not accept entries with
Setenv nocd - Trix Sat, 23 May 2015 14:50:55 PST
You may now: setenv nocd 1
This will prevent skills that trigger a cooldown from showing the cooldown
on your hp bar.
Ooze duplicates - Trix Sat, 23 May 2015 14:01:50 PST
Oozes can now see when their duplicates will be old enough to be sentient
and free themselves from the gooey bonds of slavery. It's attached to the
short of your duplicate.
Tornado - Darkpoole Wed, 20 May 2015 05:01:04 PST
I fixed tornado up so that it doesn't show "some tornados" or a variation
of the kind and it now shows the EF (Enhanced Fujita) scale.
If it breaks let me know please.
Babau Loopholes - Darkpoole Tue, 19 May 2015 11:36:33 PST
There were a few loopholes with Babau that allowed players to gain easy
exp+quest points via Bob-Jim and co, but they've been patched up now, If
you abused this little feature consider yourself lucky :)

If it breaks, Blame Trix
Re: Guild buffs - Trix Sat, 16 May 2015 02:24:50 PST
On Fri May 15 22:16:26 2015, Trix wrote:
> They've been updated and standardized. You now see a timer for them on
> hp bar. If anything is broken/doesn't work/bugs out/isn't acting the way

> it used to act send me a tell.

And they all now have unique names. If you don't like one of them, send me
suggestions to replace it.
Guild buffs - Trix Fri, 15 May 2015 22:16:26 PST
They've been updated and standardized. You now see a timer for them on your
hp bar. If anything is broken/doesn't work/bugs out/isn't acting the way
it used to act send me a tell.
Penumbra - Darkpoole Wed, 13 May 2015 12:57:32 PST
You can totally refresh penumbra by just recasting it and now a timer
show's on the hp bar to show how much time is left.
You break it, you bought it (read tell trix)

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