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help > skills > apply
Skill        :   Apply
Class        :   Herbalist       
Cost         :   20 / (10 * dart quantity)
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   2 rounds / 1 round
Stats Base   :   Dexterity, Intelligence
Difficulty   :   Level 2 / Level 1
Syntax       :   do apply <herbal poison> on <weapon>
             :   do apply <herbal poison> on [quantity] dart
             :   do apply <herbal poison> on <target>'s <weapon>
Examples     :   do apply utmahi on dart
             :   do apply fikmir on 20 dart
             :   do apply concish on sword
             :   do apply podomma on zartan's dagger

     By extracting oil from an herbal toxin, an Herbalist may
poison a weapon.  Only flesh-piercing weapons may be coated.  When
the weapon connects in combat or otherwise, the poisonous oil
extract will drip from the weapon into the victim's bloodstream.  If
the wielder of the weapon waits too long to attack a target, the oil
may dry up.  This function costs 20 spell points and takes 2 rounds
to complete.  An Herbalist may also poison any ally's flesh-piercing 
weaponry by using "do apply <poison> on <target's> <weapon>".

     If the weapon is one of the Herbalist's crafted darts, the
poison will have a chance to enter a given target's veins when the
dart is fired from a crafted blowgun.  Unlike normal weapons, oil
extract applied to darts will not dry up.  This function costs 10
spell points per dart poisoned, and takes 1 round.

     Poisonous herbal oil extracts have the following effects upon
entering the bloodstream...

UTMAHI: Fast-acting organ damage over a short period of time.
        This poison is known to penetrate poison resistance.
CONCISH: Blindness.
BINBALOP: Slowed movement and attacking due to muscle stiffening.
PODOMMA: Confusion due to slowed neural processing.
FIKMIR: Skin irritation and involuntary muscle spasms due to
        forced neuron firing.

     Only two herbal toxins may be present in a given target's
system at any given time.  Herbal poisons do NOT stack.
See also: help skill collect, help skill craft