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help > skills > stance
Skill        :   Stance
Class        :   Monk, Shaolin
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   0 Round
Cost         :   20 sp (to enter stance) / 0 sp (to leave stance)
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Dexterity
Syntax       :   do stance [<style>]
Examples     :   do stance
                 do stance dragon

valid monk styles: fox, mantis, dragon

valid shaolin styles: rat, eagle, snake, monkey, crane, mantis, leopard,
                      tiger, drunken and dragon

This skill allows a monk or shaolin to change between different fighting
styles. You continue to use your style until you change it. 
Giving no argument reverts you back to your default stance.

Monks using fox stance will attack more fiercely, often hitting slightly
more often than when using other stances.

Monks and shaolin share the mantis and dragon stances however the shaolin
version is more advanced and offers more benefits than the monk form. 

Shaolin will attack using different combat tactics based on the stance they
are using. The chance of using an attack is effected by placement of the attack
in the sequence.  An attack at the start of the sequence has a much higher
chance then one at the end.

Each shaolin stance has a level requirement, and attack sequence see
the following table:
None    : 1     attacks: punch,punch,punch,punch,punch
Rat     : 1     attacks: punch,punch,kick,kick,throw
Eagle   : 3     attacks: punch,punch,punch,throw,throw
Snake   : 5     attacks: punch,punch,kick,punch,punch
Monkey  : 7     attacks: kick,kick,kick,throw,throw
Crane   : 9     attacks: kick,kick,kick,punch,kick
Mantis  : 12    attacks: throw,throw,kick,punch,punch
Leopard : 15    attacks: punch,punch,kick,punch,punch
Tiger   : 19    attacks: punch,punch,punch,kick,kick
Drunken : 19+1  attacks: kick,kick,throw,throw,punch
Dragon  : 19+4  attacks: kick,throw,throw,kick,punch

You can get help on each stance through help stances <stancename>