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THIEF (thief subclass)
The thief is nimble and stealthy.  They are easy to play and have many 
skills.  There are seven thief subclasses: bard, bandit, ninja, thug,
thief, trickster and shikaku.  Subclasses gain/lose certain skills listed 
below, in addition to special subclass skills, depending on the choice of 
subclass, available in the Thief Guild.

Those thieves that specialize in being a pure thief will find that they
are very attuned to their surroundings.  As they explore Tsunami they
take special notice of all the alleys, hideouts, and shadows in which
they can stealth about unnoticed.  As such, true thieves receive a bonus
to stealth depending on how much they have explored the area they are
in.  This allows the thief to take advantage of previous planning to get
the jump on his victim.  In wars the exploration of the player is not
tracked so the thief receives a constant, modest boost to stealth during
all wars.

The 'stolen' command is useful to keep track of your theft victims.
Thieves have the following skills:

dodge                awareness            toughness             backstab
resistance           disguise             disarm                dagger
sword                combat               escape                steal
stealth              preparation (lvl 15) vanish                
Thief stats:

Strength                        : 50
Dexterity                       : 150
Intelligence                    : 100
Constitution                    : 100

See also: thief guild