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help > skills > cultivate
Skill        :     Cultivate
Class        :     Herbalist
Cost         :     30
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     2
Syntax       :     do cultivate <herb>
Examples     :     do cultivate srili
                   do cultivate chirbala

     Over time, the Herbalists of the Native Clans realized
that gathering herbs was not sufficient enough to meet demand.
Thus, the Natives developed means for growing various herbs
in gardens.  Using this skill, an Herbalist may begin to
cultivate a garden of a given herbal type.

     When seeking to grow an herbal garden, an Herbalist must
employ common sense.  Most herbs only grow in certain terrains
(see "help skill collect"), and only when environmental
conditions are suitable to growth.  Hence, planting a garden
in the winter, or in an arctic climate, or in a desert, etc,
will most likely prevent any growth.

     When growth has occurred in a planted garden, use "pick
<garden's herb type>" or "pick <amount> <garden's herb type>" to
collect herbs.
See also: help skill collect