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help > spells > cauldron
Spell        :   Cauldron
Class        :   Witch
Cost         :   10 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   2 rounds
Spell type   :   magic tool
Syntax       :   cast cauldron
Summons your cauldron.  Once summoned, corpses, food, and other such materials
may be put in the cauldron, which will process them to generate magical 
fluids. The cauldron gains one unit of fluid per point of hp or sp a heal
would restore, and benefits from corpses as a nonhumanoid.

The cauldron has the following commands:
    sip [hp|sp|heal|alcohol|poison|sleep] from cauldron
		Owner only. Effects are:
		hp: power/10 hp healing; consumes fluid equal to hp healed.
		sp: power/10 sp healing; consumes fluid equal to sp healed.
		heal: power/20 hp and sp healing; consumes fluid equal to pts healed.
		alcohol: power / 15 alcohol; consumes fluid equal to 1.5*alcohol.
		poison: power/2 hp loss(cannot kill); consumes 1 fluid per 5 hp lost.
		sleep: sleep spell at power; consumes power/10 fluid.
	brew [hp|sp|heal|alcohol|poison|sleep]
		determines what another player will get from your cauldron.
	sip from cauldron
		Drinks from a cauldron. Effect depends on the owner's choice of brew.

Only the cauldron's owner can pick it up, but anyone can drink from it.