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help > spells > deathgrip
Spell        :   Deathgrip
Class        :   Necromancer
Cost         :   15 (not adjustable)
             :   5 (if no target found)
Casting time :   0 round (instant)
Spell type   :   Calling of the buried
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Syntax       :   cast deathgrip
With this spell, the Necromancer lends animation to the corpses
of the dead of ages past and feeds the hunger of all those
entombed in the vicinity.  While not a very controlled calling,
this summons can be particularly powerfull in its indiscriminate

At his command, the dead of the area will instantly grasp out at
any they sense above them in a feeble attempt to feed their
insatiable hunger.  While most are beyond being able to do more
than gasp and crave, their very efforts make movement impossible.

Once the call has been made, the necromancer cannot target the hunger
of these undead even enough to keep himself above their cravings.
On the otherhand, due to the lack of control that goes into this
spell, the necromancer is free to perform other acts or spells once
the call has been made.

Those who can fly and those who are particularly aware of their
surroundings may avoid this effect.