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help > spells > ensorcel
Spell		:     Ensorcel
Class		:     Enchanters
Cost		:     30
Component       :     Enlighten  guano, lichen, poppy
                      Imbue      nightshade, mandrake
Casting Time	:     3
Syntax		:     cast ensorcel <type>
                      cast ensorcel enlighten
                      cast ensorcel imbue fire sword
                      cast ensorcel imbue electricity mace

The Enchanter can seek to liberate the mystic power
contained in natural reagents to create an ensorcellment.

Imbue      :  Magically imbue a weapon with an elemental power
   		types <fire,poison,electricity,cold>
              A weapon may only be imbued with one power at
              a time.

Enlighten  :  Magical augmentation of the Enchanters Mind.

Updated 1/8/00 -Marisil-