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help > spells > freeze
Spell        :   Freeze
Class        :   Water Elementalist
Cost         :   30 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   2 round 
Spell type   :   Hold
Difficulty   :   Level 4
Syntax       :   cast freeze <target>
Example      :   cast freeze mordred
The freeze spell allows the caster to encase his or her victims in
a huge block of ice.  While frozen, the victim will not be able to
perform any actions; he or she has to wait till the ice melts.  
However, if a frozen player is attacked, he or she will be able to
break out of the encasement immediately.
Casting freeze on someone is considered an aggressive action, any 
potential victim will attack the caster straight away, regardless
of the outcome of the spell. (Success or Failure)
This spell can be cast quietly.
See also: prayer hold
Oct 94