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help > spells > powerword
Spell        :   Powerword
Class        :   Wu-Jen, Deathknight
Sphere       :   Spirit
Level        :   0 for stun, 1 for blind/fear, 2 for kill
Cost         :   20, 40 for kill (Not adjusted by modifier)
Cooldown     :   10 rounds for kill
                 10 rounds for fear 
Syntax       :   cast powerword <type> <target>
                 cast powerword stun
                 cast powerword blind
                 cast powerword fear
                 cast powerword kill
Examples     :   cast powerword fear
                 cast powerword blind hamlet
                 cast powerword stun orsk

Such is the power of language.  Well spoken it can inspire emotions
like fear, joy and love.  It is by definition a tool of communication.

There are also words filled with arcane power and might.  When such
a word is spoken reality itself can be altered.

At the moment only four such words are known to the inhabitants of

   stun:  Gained at level 7, when this powerword is heard it forces
          the affected to be briefly stunned.

   blind: Gained at level 10, blind temporarily paralyzes the targets
          optical nerves, rendering him sightless.

   fear:  Gained at level 14, this word will cause the target to flee
          in panic for a time.

   kill:  Gained at level 18, a word so dangerous that if overheard
          it can cause massive damage by destroying the very life force
          of the target.  Being hurt or damaged increases this chance.
          Only Deathknights may deal in the art of pure death.