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help > skills > fasting
Skill        :   Fasting
Class        :   Cultist
Cost         :   0
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant       
Stats Base   :   Religion
Syntax       :   do fasting
                 do fasting stand

Fasting allows cultists to gain spiritual enlightenment by forgoing
food and drink.  This has the effect of increasing the spell points
of the priest at a steady rate once he has been fasting long enough.

However, this deprivation has serious side effects on the body.
A fasting priest will find himself weaker and less healthy.  Gradually,
the priest will regain his physical condition when he stops his

The 'do fasting stand' syntax will end your fasting session. The
fasting session will end automatically if you move, fight, eat,
or use any other skill/prayer/etc.  Also fasting will end as soon as
you reach full spell points.