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help > skills > implore
Skill        :   Implore
Class        :   Beastmaster       
Cost         :   20 (non-adjustable)
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   1
Stats Base   :   Intelligence, Constitution
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Syntax       :   do implore 1 to command    
Examples     :   do implore ape to kill sturnn
                 do implore area to hold charac
                 do implore area to blind amseth
                 do implore area to confuse azrath

        Beastmasters share an empathic link with all animals they
encounter.  By using this skill, he may beseech an animal to
perform a supplied command.  This is similar to mesmerize, though
the requested action is not limited to being instantaneous (it may
take one or more rounds).  However, it can ONLY be used on animals.
        Additionally, the Beastmaster may implore the hidden
animals in the area to aid him.  This will only function in natural
areas (non-building, non-town, etc).  The animals may be ordered to
do the following: hold, blind, or confuse.  Once commanded, they 
will wait in ambush for the target to arrive, then spring once he 
or she enters the area.  If the target is in the room when the 
skill is used, the animals will act immediately.