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help > skills > brew
Skill   :     Brew
Class   :     Enchanters
Cost    :     20 per elixir
Component      :        Fortify   salt, belladonna
                        Haste     frost fire, mistletoe
                        Health    poppy, foxglove
                        Delusion  toadstools, snow lilly
                        Combat    cobweb, foxglove

Casting Time   :     Base 2 + 1 for each additional
Skill Base     :     Magic
Syntax         :     do brew <number> <elixir>

An Enchanter can combine the mystic reagents 
of the land into powerful elixirs.  Among these

Fortify   :   Increases your ability to take combat hits.
Haste     :   Increases your speed.
Delusion  :   Variable.
Combat    :   Increases your combat for a short time.