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help > skills > called shot
Skill           :   Called Shot
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active (Empowered skill)
Cost            :   10 + 5 sp per power level
Casting Time    :   1 round
Syntax          :   do called shot <level> [hands|head|legs] <target>
Example         :   do called shot 4 head grugomillo
                    do called shot 2 hands balor
Minimum charge  :   2
Stats           :   Mostly Dex some Int and Str

The impressive skill with blades and the keen mind of the
shikaku enables her to place a perfect single blow on a
specific part of her enemy's body that is sure to hit
her target.

When this skill is used, the shikaku must choose a part of
the body she wants to strike with deadly force and accuracy.
This skill damages the target and depending on where it
lands one of the following effect is added:

   HANDS - target will do less damage and attack
   HEAD  - causes brain damage and reduces the
           target's wit
   LEGS  - the target will find moving
           around to be an arduous task

To activate this skill the shikaku must have at least
two charges on her energy bar and the more charges used
the stronger the blow will be.

If the <available> argument is given, the shikaku will
spend all her charges on this empowered skill.