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help > skills > flamboyance
Skill        :   Flamboyance
Class        :   Swashbuckler
Cost         :   15 sp
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant
Stats Base   :   Mostly Dex, Some Int
Syntax       :   do flamboyance [target or direction]
Examples     :   do flamboyance (default - impresses everyone)
                 do flamboyance north
                 do flamboyance spooky
Swashbucklers delight in amazing any onlookers with colorful
movements and impressive displays of prowess with blades.  Such
a flamboyant warrior can use these skills for a number of purposes.
When used to impress a crowd, the entire group will cease
hostilities, choosing instead to stand and watch the
swashbuckler's skillful show.  Other uses depend on the swashbuckler
being in a familiar terrain, one likely to be found at a port
of call.  When in such a location, the swashbuckler can use
a well-timed flourish to escape a nasty situation.  Alternatively,
a swashbuckler can use such familiar grounds to turn the tide
of combat against an opponent to his favor.