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help > skills > flurry

Skill        :   Flurry
Class        :   Faeriedragon
Cost         :   5 SP, random(5) SP drain
Skill type   :   Active
Stats Base   :   Mostly dexterity and some Intelligence
Syntax       :   do flurry (toggle on/off)
Venting their anger in a built-up frenzy, faeriedragons can launch an
attack at their foes at will, striking a myriad of attacks like a whirling 
ball of destruction. In addition to more attacks, the faerie attacks
more fiercely in this mode.

The faeriedragon can, at any time end their frenzy, but running out of mental 
energy or if they concentrate on their hypermetabolism will also stop the 
flurry of attacks.