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help > skills > gather
Skill           :     Gather
Class           :     Enchanters
Cost            :     5
Casting Time    :     1
Syntax          :     do gather [pouch]

As reagents are the life's blood of an Enchanter, he must often spend time
scouring the landscape for these components to add to his pouch.
If you use 'do gather pouch', you will automatically attempt to place 
components in your pouch.
Components used for enchanting are:

Material        Found In                    Used For
aqua vitae      water                       augment(eth/mer),permanence
belladonna      cemetery,cultivated         brew(fortify)
brown mold      building                    glyph(blind)
cobweb          building                    glyph(disease)
crystal         hills,underground           enchant
foxglove        mountains,hills             brew(health)
frost fire      arctic                      brew(haste)
guano           underground                 ensorcel(enlighten)
lichen          arctic                      ensorcel(enlighten)
mandrake        swamp                       ensorcel(imbue),augment(lum/shad)
mistletoe       forest,jungle,cultivated    brew(haste)
nightshade      cemetery                    ensorcel(imbue)
peat            swamp                       augment(lum/shad),glyph(disease)
poppy           plains                      ensorcel(enlighten),brew(health)
salt            water,desert,plains,shore   brew(fortify)
sand            desert,water,shore          glyph(blind)
snow lilly      mountains                   augment(eth/mer),brew(delusion)
toadstools      forest,jungle               brew(delusion)
You may also purchase materials at Magda's shop in tarmin:
ride caravan tarmin, southeast, southeast, east