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help > skills > inscribe
Skill           :     Inscribe
Class           :     Enchanters
Cost            :     20 (plus mods)
Component       :     Attacking         snowlilly
                      Damage            mistletoe   
                      Defense           peat
                      Heal              toadstools
                      Strength          frost fire
                      Dexterity         mandrake
                      Intelligence      brown mold 
                      Constitution      cobweb

                            All Inscriptions require:

Casting Time    :     1
Stat Base       :     Magic
Syntax          :     do inscribe <symbol> <item>
                :     do inscribe <symbol> on <who> <item>
Example         :     do inscribe defense armour
                :     do inscribe defense on etienne armour
                :     do inscribe +20 strength sword

An Enchanter may inscribe mystic runes upon weaponry and
armour to aid him in his battles.  An item may bear two
such inscriptions, a skill augmentation, and a stat
augmentation.  Each inscription must be made permanent
individually.  [In game terms repeat cast permanence until
all inscriptions are made permanent]

The optional arguments 'on <who> <item>' lets you inscribe 
something in another players inventory.

The "heal" inscription enables "do quickheal" as well.