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help > skills > penetrate
Skill        :   Penetrate
Class        :   Hunter      
Cost         :   20 (non-adjustable)
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   Special
Stats Base   :   Strength and Dexterity
Difficulty   :   Special
Syntax       :   do penetrate <target>    
Examples     :   do penetrate
                 do penetrate thade

        Hunters specialize in exploiting the vulnerabilities of
their prey.  Using this skill, the Hunter attempts to land a 
penetrating blow that exposes his or her target's defenses.  If the
attack succeeds, the prey will be extra vulnerable to further 
attacks made by a hunter using this skill (for a short period of
time).  This effect is cumulative: each successful penetrating
attack will expose the victim even more to future uses of the skill.
Prey that avoid being further hit by this skill will slowly recover
from the exposed state.

        This attack normally takes 1 round to complete.  However,
when used against prey that has already been penetrated a certain
number of times, the skill executes instantaneously.  By this point,
the exposed location is blatantly visible, expediting the process
of aiming at it.

        The hunter must wield a bow or a spear to use this skill.
This skill only exposes the target to further penetrating attacks,
with one exception: it will make the prey more vulnerable to
snipe as well.  All other skills, combat hits, etc, will be normal.

        Hunters using this skill against classes that they are
experts at hunting will cause significantly more damage.
See also: help expertise, help skill snipe