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help > skills > reform
Skill        :   Reform
Class        :   Scorpion
Cost         :   0
Casting time :   Instant
Syntax       :   do reform <ability> to <number> or
                 do reform <increase|decrease> <ability>
                 do reform raise <ability> to <number>
                 do reform <save|load> <number>
                 do reform clear
                 do reform moult
Examples     :   do reform exoskeleton to 4
                 do reform power to 3
                 do reform increase viscerate
                 do reform decrease restore
                 do reform raise power to 3
                 do reform save 3
                 do reform load 2
                 do reform moult

Reform is used to adjust the state of the scorpion. The abilities
can be set to a level between 1 and 6. The greater the level, the
higher the upkeep cost. An additional upkeep cost is incurred if 
the ability has not been raised to the level it is used at.

Do reform raise is used to spend the aqcuired scorpion ability
points. An ability that is raised will be cheaper in upkeep. The
abilities can be raised to level 6 but the cost for each level is
higher than the previous. Raising the ability does not do anything
for the scorpion other than lowering the upkeep cost.

Do reform save/load will save a state that can be directly
recalled later through load. Do reform clear will clear all skill
levels and return the scorpion to base form.

Do reform moult will allow the scorpion to rebuild its abilities
from scratch. However, the moulting process is taxing to the
scorpion and he/she will be left vulnerable for a time.