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help > skills > shift
This skill is the vampires life blood.  It allows them to shift from
form to form, to combat different types of foes.  
Available forms:  Wolf, Human, Mist
Syntax: do shift <form>
Example: do shift mist  ::  do shift human  ::  do shift wolf
-- You may shift from any form to another --

Human form:  This is the only form which is capable of using mesmerize.
  In addition, humans have the ability to escape death, or invuln.
  Possibly one of the most appealing abilities of the human form is the 
  ability to wield weaponry.  The most important fact is that the only form
  in which a vampire drains blood is in human form.

Wolf form:  Vampires gain the possibility of more attacks in this form.  Also,
  They have heightened awareness and increased ability to fight, but they
  lose invulnerability and regenerate.  Wolves also have active intimidate.

Mist form:  This form offers an enhanced regenerate, and protection for a 
  brief period of time.

   the werewolf forms are : human, wolf, and werewolf

Human: A normal average human in almost all respects.
       Human form does not gain the effects of rage.

Wolf: larger version of the normal animal
      Wolf form does not gain the effects of rage.

Werewolf: half-man, half-beast combination with a lot of attitude.
    The Werewolf stands 8 feet tall and is basically pure muscle.
    Werewolves are subject to rage. (see serenity under the rite skill)