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help > skills > shinaji-ken
Skill           :   Shinaji-ken
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active/Passive
Cost            :   20 sp
Casting Time    :   2 rounds
Syntax          :   do shinaji-ken
Stats		:   Mostly Dex some Int and Con

This skill controls the balance between the shikaku, her blades
and her surroundings.
A higher skill shows a higher control of her blades, a higher 
sense of her surroundings and her enemies. It also enhances some
of her skills and a clever shikaku should always be in tune with
her blades.

When fighting with her own crafted blades she can strike a 
well placed blow on her enemy. This blow does normal damage 
but it acts as a charge skill thus adding one charge to the
shikaku's energy bar, however she must first build up 
a synergy with her blades through this skill.