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help > skills > trance
Skill        :     Trance
Class        :     Shaman
Cost         :     0 + prima materia upkeep
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     2 rounds
Syntax       :     do trance [<prima materia>]
                   wake (to end)
Examples     :     do trance (defaults to sokhun)
                   do trance sokhun
                   do trance efantig

     By relaxing and drawing forth prima materia stored within
his spiritual fetish, the Shaman may enter into a deep trance.
While in this trance, he is largely unaware of what is occurring
in the world around him, and is not able to move.  He is also
rather vulnerable to attack, and will be violently shaken from
the trance if he takes any sort of damage.

     To maintain the trance, prima materia will continually be
consumed from the Shaman's fetish.  This form of meditation will
cause his spell points to be recovered at a greatly accelerated
rate.  Furthermore, if maintained long enough, the Shaman will
actually transport his spirit into the very realm of prima
materia.  The longer he remains there, the better grasp he will
gain of the spirit-world.  Thus, he will return from such a 
trance with an increased ability to perform his chanting
rituals - this only lasts a short while, however.

     If the Shaman's fetish runs out of the given prima materia,
or if he reaches full spell points, he will begin to awaken 
automatically from his trance.  To end the trance prematurely,
he may use the "wake" command again.

     As with all Shaman rituals, one must remember that prima
materia has a will of its own.  Therefore, unexpected results may 
sometimes occur.  Furthermore, Shamans are often required to
experiment with different prima materia to discover which are
best suited to empower a given ritual.

     NOTE: This skill cannot be used in wars.
See also: help materia, help song channel