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help > songs > dissipate
Song         :     Dissipate
Class        :     Shaman
Cost         :     20 (non-adjustable) + 1 prima materium
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     1 round
Difficulty   :     Level 1
Syntax       :     sing dissipate [<prima materia>] [<target>]
Examples     :     sing dissipate rino (defaults to sokhun)
                   sing dissipate roagmo rino
                   sing dissipate hargalla mrfish

     Prima materia can both sustain, and destroy.  Using this
ritual, a Shaman may command materia to break up and dissolve the
being of a target.  At first, the effect will be little.  As time
progresses, however, the target's being will dissipate more and
more.  A target affected by this ritual will find he is less able
to both attack others and defend himself.  Please note, this ritual
does not cause direct damage.

     Light, yet firm materia is of greater use to the Shaman than
other types when performing this ritual.

     As with all Shaman rituals, one must remember that prima
materia has a will of its own.  Therefore, unexpected results may 
sometimes occur.  Furthermore, Shamans are often required to
experiment with different prima materia to discover which are best
suited to empower a given ritual.
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