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help > skills > blitz
Skill        :   Blitz
Class        :   Berserker      
Cost         :   20
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   Instant
Stats Base   :   Mostly Dexterity, Some Strength
Difficulty   :   0
Syntax       :   do blitz <direction> at <target>    
Examples     :   do blitz east at montezuma
                 do blitz down at shrike

     Berserkers are feared for their blinding speed.  These warriors
may rush at an opponent one room away, swinging as they do so.  This 
will allow the Berserker to enter the area without suffering hunting 
hits, and get a free round of attacks against their foe.  Combat
hits landed while blitzing will generate more adrenaline than
See also: help adrenaline