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help > skills > companion
Skill        :     Companion
Class        :     Beastmaster
Cost         :     20
Skill Type   :     Active
Casting time :     4
Syntax       :     do companion [<animal>]
Examples     :     do companion
             :     do companion fox

	A Beastmaster is rarely encountered without some sort of
animal aiding in his efforts.  Thus, using this skill, an animal
companion can be called to the native's side.  This creature
behaves like a familiar and is controlled like one too.  There
are important differences to note, however:

- the type of animal that can be called depends on the terrain
- the called animal is WILD, thus, it will attack if provoked
- in general, it is a much better fighter than a familiar
- each animal type has a special skill with which to assist
  the Beastmaster
- the companion may not be told to 'scram' unless it is
  completely healthy (mind and body), and the Beastmaster is
  standing in natural, non-water surroundings
- if the companion dies, it will shatter the Beastmaster's

        Reading "help companions" will elicit the specific
details of each companion type.

NOTE: This skill has NOTHING to do with the "bond" skill.
See also: help companions, help spell familiar