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help > skills > craft
Skill        :   Craft
Class        :   Herbalist       
Cost         :   20 / 10 / 5
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   3 rounds / 2 rounds / Special
Stats Base   :   Dexterity, Intelligence
Difficulty   :   Level 3 / Level 2 / Special
Syntax       :   do craft [blowgun | pipe | [x] dart]
Examples     :   do craft blowgun
             :   do craft pipe
             :   do craft dart
             :   do craft 20 dart

     Herbalists are skilled at crafting tools from the contents of
their natural environment.  Using this skill, an Herbalist may make
a blowgun, pipe, or given number of darts.  Blowguns are the hardest
to create, taking 3 rounds and costing 20 spell points.  Pipes are
slightly easier, taking 2 rounds and costing 10 spell points.  Darts
are a special case.  Up to (level * 5) darts can be crafted at a
time.  The cost of dart production is (5 * the number to create).
The time required for crafting darts ranges from no time whatsoever
(one dart) to multiple rounds (depending on the number to create).

     Darts, after being crafted, may be individually applied with
extracted herbal toxin.  See 'help skill apply' for more details.

     Blowguns may be employed to fire darts at targets.  Use the
syntax 'shoot <dart> at <target>' to fire a dart.  The 'dart' field
may be either the word 'dart' to fire an unpoisoned dart, or if the
Herbalist is carrying poisoned darts, may be any of the herbal
poison types.  As an added perk, two unpoisoned darts may be fired
per round, or you may start a given round by firing an unpoisoned
dart and then follow with some other action.

     Pipes are used to smoke herbal medicants.  Each of the
different medicant types affects the Herbalist differently when he
or she inhales them.  See 'help skill inhale' for more information.

     Only the Herbalist who crafted a given item may use that item.
See also: help skill apply, help skill collect, help skill inhale