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help > skills > cyclone
Skill        :   Cyclone
Class        :   Berserker      
Cost         :   7 adrenaline
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   1
Stats Base   :   Strength, Dexterity
Difficulty   :   1
Syntax       :   do cyclone    
Examples     :   do cyclone

     When fighting fiercely in the heat of combat, the Berserker
may whirl around, swinging his or her weapons about viciously.
Any foes present in the area will fall victim to the whirling 
blades, being struck anywhere from two to four times by the 
attack.  Unlike other adrenal skills, hits made with cyclone WILL 
give the Berserker adrenaline.  This attack will not allow for the 
Berserker to follow with an offhand blow, and requires him or her 
to be wielding two cleaving weapons.

     This skill is a dual attack.  The Berserker must be berserk 
to use this skill.
See also: help adrenaline, help skill berserk