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help > skills > hoden
Skill           :   Hoden
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active (Empowered skill)
Cost            :   25 sp
Stats           :   Dex and Str
Minimum charge  :   1                    
Casting Time    :   Instant
Syntax          :   do hoden [fire|shock|cold] <target>
Example         :   do hoden cold mae
                    do hoden shock

Hoden although similar to Kenbatso in effect is the
exact opposite. As Kenbatso takes in energy hoden releases
it. The hoden skill will release all your charges into
your target.

In order to use this skill she must be wielding a weapon,
and to get the full effect, special weapons might be needed.

Hoden can produce the following effects:

  - Fire : channels and transforms the energy in combat
           into heat that are then transferred to her blades
           to burn her foes.
  - Shock: she uses the kinetic energy dissipated in combat
           to charge her weapons with electric energy which
           she discharges on her enemies.
  - Cold : use the same principle of the fire strike but 
           instead of transforming the energy into heat, 
           the shikaku transforms it into cold.

This skill uses all charges on the shikaku's energy bar.