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help > skills > inhale
Skill        :   Inhale
Class        :   Herbalist       
Cost         :   20
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   2 rounds
Stats Base   :   Intelligence, Constitution
Difficulty   :   Level 2
Syntax       :   do inhale <herbal medicant>
             :   do inhale blow <herbal medicant> at <target>
Examples     :   do inhale chirbala
             :   do inhale hurtolk
             :   do inhale blow gordep at nad

      Natives have long been known to occasionally smoke herbs to
induce various effects on their minds and bodies.  Using a crafted
pipe, an Herbalist may therefore load it with a given herb, light
it, and inhale the smoke.  This will have an effect based on which
herbal medicant was inhaled...

CHIRBALA: Increased cellular metabolism (+ quickheal).
SRILI: Increased cellular density (+ toughness).
GORDEP: Faster neuron transmissions (+ combat).
ARGUEK: Heightened sensory perception (+ awareness).
HURTOLK: Increased cellular stability (+ resistance).

     Using the "blow <medicant> at <target>" syntax allows the
Herbalist to empower others with the effects of the smoke.  In doing
so, however, some of the smoke is lost, and thus the effect is not
as strong.

     Only one herbal medicant may be present in the Herbalist's
(or target's) system at any given time in this way.
See also: help skill collect, help skill craft