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help > skills > kaihi
Skill           :   Kaihi
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active (Empowered skill)
Cost            :   5 sp + 5 per power level
Casting Time    :   Instant
Syntax          :   do kaihi <power level>
Example         :   do kaihi 1
                    do kaihi 4
                    do kaihi available
Minimum charge  :   1
Stats		:   Dex and Int

Altering her metabolism and her speed the shikaku can
increase her chances to avoid attacks of physical and 
magical nature. 
The more charges you spend the more powerful and lasting 
your kaihi will be.

To activate this skill the shikaku must have at least
one charge on her energy bar.

If the <available> argument is given, the shikaku will
spend all her charges on this empowered skill.