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help > skills > meditation
Skill        :  Meditation
Class        :  Ninja, Monk and Wu-Jen
Cost         :  0
Casting Time :  0
Stats Base   :  Int
Syntax       :  do meditation

The meditation skill allows one to turn his focus inward.  In
this state of concentration, one's spiritual energies will be
revitalized at a very rapid pace.  However, any disturbance will
bring one out of a meditative trance.

Meditating allows you to reach four stages of pinnacle. Each stage
gives a bonus to spell points regeneration, a small bonus to hit 
points regeneration and a percentage bonus to all primary stats as
well as a small bonus to combat, resistance and awareness.

These bonuses stay awhile after you stop meditating.

Be warned that you are very vulnerable while meditating.