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help > skills > pungi
Skill        :   Pungi
Class        :   Herbalist       
Cost         :   20
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   2 rounds
Stats Base   :   Dexterity, Intelligence
Difficulty   :   Level 2
Syntax       :   do pungi <herbal poison>
Examples     :   do pungi binbalop
             :   do pungi fikmir

     Though skilled with herbal remedies and toxins, Herbalists are
not known to be deft in combat.  To compensate for this, they have
learned to employ pungi stick traps to weaken their foes before they
even engage them.  This skill is therefore used to build such a trap
in a natural environment (artificial terrains will not do).  When
building the trap, the Herbalist also coats the sharpened sticks
with a supplied herbal poison.  If successful, the next time a foe
enters the room he or she will step on the trap.  If a stick pierces
the foe's skin, whatever poison that was applied will enter that
foe's bloodstream, causing the same effects as if hit with a weapon
poisoned by the apply skill (see 'help skill apply').  Only one
trap may be set up per room.
See also: help skill apply, help skill collect