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help > skills > sunder
Skill        :   Sunder
Class        :   Berserker      
Cost         :   7 adrenaline
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting time :   1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Strength, Some Dexterity
Difficulty   :   1
Syntax       :   do sunder [<target>]    
Examples     :   do sunder
                 do sunder iago

     A well-placed cleave is known to open up one's enemy's
defenses.  Berserkers who use this skill will attempt to damage 
their foe and reduce his or her armor class to a certain degree.
This attack requires the Berserker to be wielding a cleaving 
weapon in his or her main hand.

     This skill is a lead attack, and will enable the Berserker
to use an offhand attack immediately following it.  The Berserker 
must be berserk to use this skill.
See also: help adrenaline, help skill berserk