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help > skills > wa-handou
Skill           :   Wa-Handou
Class           :   Shikaku
Skill Type      :   Active/Passive
Syntax          :   do wa-handou [on|off]
Stats           :   All

The shikaku can kick their opponents when they see an 
This skill is passive and will add a kick attack (extra 
attack) at random with damage, accuracy and rate dependant 
on the skill level.
This skill is a riposte attack on the shikaku's opponents.
The more attacks they aim at the shikaku the higher the
chances for them to be riposted.

Every successful riposte attack you make will drain a
small portion of your energies.
You can turn this skill on/off should you decide to stop
riposting attacks.

The message which informs a player that they riposte an 
attack may be suppressed with the setenv command.  The env 
variable "riposte_msg" set to any value will suppress 
these messages.