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help > spells > metamagic
Metamagic spells are spells that modify other spells. In all cases, the syntax
of a metamagic spell is cast/castq [metamagic] [rest of spell arguments]. It
is possible to chain multiple metamagics, and the order is not important, but
only evoker spell forms can be modified by metamagic. The following sorts
of metamagic are available:

Effect Modifiers: area, combination, ceremonial, delay, immediate, multiple,
Effect types: cold, corrosive, fire, metal, prismatic, shock, sonic, toxic
Effect forms: bolt, explosion, trap, wall, ward

When casting a metamagic spell, your effective skill level is the lowest of
the component spells.

Most metamagic spells require you to specify a casting cost. This cannot 
exceed five times your level. In practice, it's difficult to succeed at a 
spell anywhere near that max cost.

Evoker spells require an effect type and a form; other metamagics are optional.