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help > skills > contuse
Skill        :   Contuse
Class        :   Cenobite
Cost         :   25
Casting Time :   Instant
Stats        :   Some Int, Some Con
Syntax       :   do contuse
Examples     :   do contuse
                 do contuse haven

The ability to cause pain rouses Eros in every Cenobite.  Though
this skill is less satisfying to a Cenobite than their dynamically
torturous Chains, they still employ the ability to Contuse as a
malevolent supplement to their physical readings.

By means of this skill, the Cenobite strikes at the insides of its
victim, crushing bone and bursting tissue by raw force of vicious
will.  Bones will snap, and organs will rupture from the
biologically mangling force the Cenobites draw out from within
their victims.