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help > skills > hooks
Skill        :   Hooks
Class        :   Cenobite
Cost         :   20
Casting Time :   1 round
Stats        :   Some Int, Some Con
Syntax       :   do hooks
Examples     :   do hooks
                 do hooks immolatus
                 do hooks all

Like a housecat toying with a mouse, so does the Cenobite delight in
toying with its victims.  Few things thrill a Cenobite more than the
look of terror on a subjects face when their Chains lash out and hook
themselves in.

The hooks fastened in such a way will hold the target fast,
preventing movement by all but the most resolute of beings.  Bound
and held painfully fast by the hooks, the target will be able to do
little else but watch the goings on nearby through the mesh of chains
and hooks surrounding it.

The Cenobite must have summoned its Chains before using this ability.