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help > skills > materialize
Skill            :   Materialize
Class            :   Demon
Cost             :   20 to materialize; 0 to dematerialize
Skill Type       :   Active
Casting Time     :   2 to materialize, 0 to dematerialize
Difficulty       :   Ability -- always succeeds
Stats Base       :   None
Syntax           :   do materialize [form]
                 :   do materialize (to dematerialize)

This skill allows a demon to change from its normal ethereal form into a
physical manifestation. You CAN swap between forms without becoming
immaterial first.

Forms are as follows:

IMMATERIAL (default): You are insubstantial and highly resistant to
most attacks, but you cannot attack physically, though you may still
cast a few spells.  Attacks based on Vorpal, Warp and Holy damage will
still affect you as normal.  Psychic, Chaos, Sound, Drain, and Magic
damage are only 75% effective against you.  Light and Shock based
attacks are 60% effective.  All other attack types are only half
as effective while a demon is immaterial.

DEMON: A demon's primary combat form. A terrible sight for denizens
of Tsunami to behold this form gets a larger bonus to intimidate than
its human form. Additionally, in its true demonic form it can fully
realize its connection to its plane of existence granting a bonus to
intelligence as well as ignite and hellfire. 

HUMAN: You have normal spellcasting and combat abilities. The nature of
a humanistic demon is unsettling and so this form gains a bonus to
intimidate. In this form a demon can cast ignite as an area-effect
spell with the syntax: cast ignite [modifier] [all] [foes]