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help > skills > spider2 toxin
help skills toxin
Skill        :   Toxin
Class        :   Spiders
Cost         :   10
Casting Time :   instant
Difficulty   :   Level 1
State Base   :   Mostly Con with Str and Dex
Syntax       :   do toxin neurotoxin
Examples     :   do toxin type
                 do toxin auto on
                 do toxin auto off
                 do toxin hemtoxin
                 do toxin set type (sets what type you will auto inject)
The toxin skill represents the strength at which you can inject poison 
into your victims.  A spider can auto inject toxin, plus they can also
inject toxin when they bite.

Orb Spiders gain use of the following toxins:
Hemotoxin: Low initial damage, decent damage over time
Neurotoxin: Attacks the targets nervous system
Pneumotoxin: Low tick damage, prevents healing

See Also: Bite