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help > spells > augment
Spell		:     Augment
Class		:     Enchanters
Cost		:     30
Component       :     Luminous     peat, mandrake
                      Shadowy      peat, mandrake
                      Ethereal     snow lilly, aqua vitae
                      Mercurial    snow lilly, aqua vitae
Casting Time	:     3
Syntax		:     cast augment <type> <object>
                      cast augment luminous mace
                      cast augment shadowy helmet
                      cast augment ethereal sword
                      cast augment mercurial spear

The Enchanter can seek to alter the inherent
molecular structure of materials with the
mystical power of his spells.  This molecular
augmentation can agitate the materials
causing luminescence or darkness, and it can
also increase or decrease the density of an item.
The spell functions as an ability during wars costing
5 spell points.