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help > spells > delayed fireball
Spell        :   Delayed Fireball
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Fire
Level        :   5
Cost         :   35
Spell Type   :   Delayed area effect
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast delayed fireball

This spell is an extension of the normal fireball spell that Wu-Jen
well studied in the magical sphere of fire may have.  Instead, the
fireball will not immediately explode, but float in the room until
someone, or something, comes by.
Anything that enters the room will set off the explosion.  Everything
in the room will be hit, including the caster.

Delayed Fireball gain a bonus equal to Wu-jens fire sphere level times four.

This spell may not be modified or aimed.
This spell may be cast quietly.

See also: fireball