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help > spells > espy
Skill        :   Espy
Class        :   Babau
Cost         :   5
Casting Time :   1
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Intelligence
Syntax       :   cast espy

The Babau has the power at will to summon forth beings in any form
from the hellfires of the Abyss.  When needed, souls of the tormented
can be conjured forth in the form of floating demonic eyeballs which
encircle the Babau and provide it with improved vision and awareness.
These souls long to return to the Abyss and as such only can be
kept on the mortal plane for a short period of time.  Stronger
Babau are more capable of extending this time, forcing the souls 
against their will to obey their general.

The espy spell does NOT cost the Babau souls but the more souls the
Babau possesses the higher the bonus to the spell.  The spell
requires the possession of at least one soul to cast.