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help > spells > hellfire
Spell        :   Hellfire
Class        :   Demon
Cost         :   30
Spell Type   :   Area effect
Cooldown     :   2 rounds
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast hellfire
                 <this spell cannot be targeted>

Those demons that have attained the rank of at least dukedom of
Hell can bring forth the fires of Hell itself, imbued by the
power of the Lord of Hell.  

These fires are wild and seek to grow constantly, but on terrestrial
ground cannot be sustained by the agony of lost souls as they 
normally would, and will eventually die out.  However, before they 
die out they can certainly do some significant damage to the foes
of the demon.

The fires are unholy in nature and thus, are more damaging to those
of faith and have even been known to interfere with the ability of
the gods to intervene for the life of one of the faithful.  Coming 
as they do from the very birthplace of demons, the fires have a 
salving effect on any wounds the demon may be carrying.

This spell cannot be cast quietly, due to the need for the demon to
call out to their Lord for the hellfire.