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help > spells > ifrit
Spell        :   Ifrit
Class        :   Wu-Jen
Sphere       :   Fire
Level        :   1
Cost         :   40
Casting Time :   3 rounds
Syntax       :   cast ifrit

This spell summons an Ifrit from the elemental plane of fire.  These
fiery followers are available to Wu-Jen whom have studied up to level
one in the magical sphere of fire.  These servants are not very
versatile, they just follow the summoner around and attack behind
them.  They cannot carry anything, nor converse with their owner.

Use 'report' to see the status of your Ifrit and 'banish' to send it
back to its native plane.

A player may only have one familiar (or other summon) summoned.

See also: spell familiar, spell golem