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help > spells > sellonitezap
Spell        :   Sellonitezap
Class        :   Any
Cost         :   5 (adjusted by sp modifier)
Casting time :   Instant
Spell type   :   Vorpal and BADASS
Difficulty   :   Level -100 (+1000% skill on cast)
Syntax       :   cast sellonitezap <modifier> Sellonite
Examples     :   cast sellonitezap +666 Sellonite

To assist people in fighting back against huge wujens, we have
added the Sellonitezap spell.  It will kill Sellonite instantly
from anywhere on Tsunami whenever cast by any level player, or
wizard, or even if you sneeze or just want to scratch yourself
but can't find the itch but rub yourself up against a doorframe
because that's a good way of scratching itches.