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help > spells > shadow shield
Spell        :   Shadow Shield
Class        :   Shade
Cost         :   20 (not adjustable)
Casting time :   1 round
Spell type   :   Protection
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   cast shadow shield
Examples     :   cast shadow shield

The shadow shield spell allows the shade to draw forth the
very shadows themselves to create a defensive barrier to
help protect the shade from harm.

Further, as the shade takes damage, the shadow shield
helps the shade to develop a resistance to the damage.
For example, if a shade is hit by a slashing weapon,
the next blow from the slashing weapon will do a little
less. Each progressive hit strengthens the shade's ability
to resist that damage type, up to a certain point.

This resistance ablates over time and disappears completely
when the shield expires. In addition, certain types of
damage that are inimical to the shadows themselves aren't
resisted, such as damage caused by flames, light, and
holy power, to name a few.

Finally, the shadow shield can only be cast on one's

This spell can be cast quietly.
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