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help > spells > shroud
Spell        :   Shroud
Class        :   Evoker
Cost         :   Variable
Damage Type  :   By Material
Casting Time :   1 round
Syntax       :   cast <material> shroud <target>
Examples     :   cast prism armor

Shroud is an Evoker Method (see help spell methods) which surrounds the 
caster with an aura of conjured energy. This will typically cause damage to
anyone who touches or is touched by the subject of the spell, plus give
protection from the primary material type and counter the opposed damage
type, but this varies with the precise element.

If no target is specified, shroud surrounds the caster. Armor is less 
effective when cast on other people. Armor spells decay when used; duration
is long out of combat, but fairly short in combat.
See also: modifiers, materials, methods