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help > spells > spellblast
Spell        :   Spellblast
Class        :   Sorcerer
Cost         :   30 <+ modifier>
Casting time :   2 rounds
Difficulty   :   Level 2
Syntax       :   cast spellblast <modifier> <target> <spell>
                 cast spellblast <modifier> <target> <prayer>
                 cast spellblast <modifier> <target> <song>
Example      :   cast spellblast +50 quiggly fumble
                 Cast spellblast georgios blast

Spellblast allows the sorcerer to reduce the effectiveness of a 
spell, prayer, or song for a period of time.  This spell is
stackable and each success will result in further deterioration
of the victim's success with the targeted spell, song, or prayer.

This spell has a limited amount of reduction it can do.

This spell can be cast quietly.