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help > spells > trap
Spell        :   Trap
Class        :   Evoker
Cost         :   Selectable
Effect Type  :   by effect
Effect Value :   cost + margin of success; max 3x cost
Casting Time :   1 round, unless adjusted by metamagic
Difficulty   :   by effect, usually resistance/2
Syntax       :   cast <material> trap <cost> [optional target list]
Examples     :   cast shock trap 20

Trap is an Evoker Method (see help spell methods) which conjures an elemental
trap in your current room. This trap will attack the first valid target to
enter the room, causing damage of your chosen material type.

If you specify a target list, only targets in that list will be attacked.
"npc" will match any npc; "pc" will match any pc.
See also: modifiers, materials, methods